Python – Download all herl link in a website html

Excersie 01 : Download all herl link in a website html

We can use 02 library BeautifulSoup or HtmpParse to get the herl link in a website html.

I will update the script within today. Just wait.


Python : Script to remove empty directory on your computer

Today, I checked my download folder and found that a lot of empty directories. Because I choose download by JDownloader (open source program to download from

Sometimes, you can not download all contents that you need and make the computer has a lot of empty directories. Because JDownloader automatically create a folder which contains the download files.

After searching on StackOverFlow, I found a very useful link and modified it so that it suited my situation. Check the script below :

import os
#declare the root directory
root_dir = ‘E:\\Your_download_directory
#initialize the counters
empty_count = 0
used_count = 0
#Set the file to write to, “x” will indicate to create a new file and open it for writting
for curdir, subdirs, files in os.walk(root_dir):
if len(subdirs) == 0 and len(files) == 0:
empty_count += 1 #increment empty_count
print(‘Empty Directory: {}’.format(curdir)) #print the empty directory
print(‘This empty directory was successful removed : {}’.format(curdir))
elif len(subdirs) > 0:
used_count += 1
print(‘Used directory:: {}’.format(curdir)) #print the used directory if you want.
print(‘The total empty directory in this folder : {}’.format(empty_count))

If you check the link below, you will find more useful thing to do with this script.

You can add the result to file and save it like a log file.

Link : Scan files recursively and delete empty directories in python

Reference to os.rmdir : Python os.removedirs() Method

I highly recommend you to only print the result of empty directory first. After that you can uncomment “os.rmdir(curdir)” to delete the result of empty.

Using Python behind the proxy server

Yeah, like the title.

If you are using your computer behind the proxy and you want to write a Python script connect to a website and display a content.

I tried to use socket library but it’s failed and have the error message below :


After searching on Google and found a useful link on StackOverFlow website. I change to use urllib2 and I can connect to website through my proxy server.


Actually I allways find solution from this website, thank the guy who created it.

Practice coding without actually downloading any software

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Learning to think OOP

Learning to code includes memorizing syntax, comprehending logical flow, and an intuition of design. This includes learning the basic units of code (e.g. if, and, for, def), the behaviour of code components (e.g. loops, generators, functions), and knowing how to combine these into a synergistic whole. Object oriented program is an advantage which heralds its own […]