My target in 2016

There is some thing I wanna have in 2016 :

1.Get TOEIC cert with 750 scores.

2.Get LPI-1 and MCSA cert

3.Create a bussiness website

4.Learn programming to become a backend website developer. Can use some frameword (WordPress, Twiter, …), familier with PHP, Python, Perl and PowerShell, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

5.Finish all course of FreeCodeCamp and get the full stack website developer.

6.Travell to fogrein country : Singapore is the first place. Take my family with me to the zoo, the mall and know some thing about Singapore country.

7.Open a private bussiness : maybe man clothes (shoes, T-shirt, …)

8.Learning about real estate, law.

9.Be the best OSS engineer in my company.

10.Learning Japanese languages and get the first certification.


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