Month: January 2015

Filtering HTTPS Traffic with Squid on pfSense 2.1.5

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December 7, 2014 – the contains a new tutorial for Diladele Web Safety 4.0 and pfSense 2.1.5.

If you are updating from Diladele Web Safety 3.X, be sure to follow the upgrade instructions. Please *NOTE*: after uninstall of Diladele Web Safety 3.2/3.3, remove qlproxy user and group, reboot your pfSense box and add qlproxy user and group again!!!. Please also note, all scripts mentioned in this article can be downloaded here.

This article will tell you how to install and configure Squid proxy capable of filtering encrypted HTTPS connections using Diladele Web Safety ICAP content filtering server running on pfSense Firewall 2.1.5 (amd64). Being able to look into HTTPS contents greatly increases your ability to control what is allowed and accepted within your network while keeping inappropriate contents away.

Why We Need to Filter HTTPS

HTTPS protocol was designed to provide secure means of communications between internet…

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