Month: May 2014

High Availability with automatic failover for CloudStack management servers

One solution to deploy MySQL server with HA Management server.

Remi Bergsma's blog

I’m using CloudStack for some months now and our cloud is close to going live. It’s an awesome piece of software that is just rock solid :-). One thing I couldn’t really find is how to create high available management servers with automatic failover. I’ve come up with a solution that I’ll share in this blog post.

From the CloudStack manual:

The CloudStack Management Server should be deployed in a multi-node configuration such that it is not susceptible to individual server failures. (…) MySQL may be configured to use replication to provide for a manual failover in the event of database loss.

Of course, when building a cloud one cannot just have one management server, as that would create a big single-point-of-failure . Even though there is no impact on already running VM’s, you and your customers, for example, won’t be able to stop and start VM’s. The manual…

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Certification : get it or not ?

I think this time I should make a decision to get certification. Right ? Did I really need to get this ? Image

I almost think that people or human resource need to have a beautiful CV with a lot of certification relate to computer science.

I download a lot of ebook relate LPI, Linux+ or RHCA, blah blah but I can read all of them.

The knowledge in these ebook is too big, too much for my brain.

Should I focus in specify section like : SSH, FTP, SFTP, LDAP, RADIUS, NTP, SNMP

Now I think I can do it in a serial way